About Us

Rally Point Cedar Valley Veterans was first envisioned several years ago when members of the local Veterans Affairs office noticed an inordinate number of veterans without the tools necessary to find safe, sustainable housing. Little was acted upon at the time since funding for such a project would be fraught with barriers raised by government officials.

However, in November, 2014, Waverly Homes offered us use to one of their newly purchased properties at NO COST! The only expenses would be the day to day operations of such a vision and the Veterans Affairs staff immediately began garnering support for the project through our elected officials and the residents who elected them.

After nearly ten months, the county denied the project and the Veterans Affairs staff, along with community organizers, scrambled to make the project a reality, through a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) entity. Within a month, Articles of Incorporation were submitted and the required documentation through the Internal Revenue Service were completed.

Alas, Rally Point Cedar Valley Veterans and its homeless and transitional shelter, LZ Phoenix, were born. In mid-September, the shelter opened its doors and our first residents began to move in!!!

At present, the shelter is funded by private donations and organizations are requested to sponsor their active duty service member or veteran by making a $10 donation, per day, for the families housed. Whether there are five members of the family or one, the $10 donation will cover the costs associated with their stay.


Executive DirectorNeal W. Jarnagin
PresidentMatt Haugan
Vice PresidentBob Sable
SecretaryNeal W. Jarnagin
TreasurerRebecca Laas
Board MemberJake Farran
Board MemberBob O'Hare
Board MemberSara Stephens
Board MemberZach Schick

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