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Eligibility & Application


  • Applicants must be active duty service members or veterans who served at least one day on active duty.
  • All applicants are approved on a case-by-case basis.
  • Due to the proximity of schools, applicants may NOT be registered on ANY sex offender list.
  • The active duty service member or veteran must be the primary applicant, not a family member.
  • Applicants and their party must agree to abide by all guidelines, fully participate in all program activities, and refrain from any inappropriate activity.
  • Applicants and their party must be coherent and detoxified with at least seventy-two hours since their last use of alcohol or drugs.
  • Applicants and their party must be mentally and physically able to exercise proper personal hygiene and self-care, perform task assignments, and participate in all program functions within a non-medical, non-psychiatric facility.
  • Applicants and their party must be employed full-time or have an equivalent combination of job search, educational development, and/or volunteer hours within the community

Application & Supporting Documentation

The application needs to be completed by either the veteran, agency or via phone with LZ Phoenix. Our application form provides a more complete picture of the service member, veteran and/or his or her family and it can more quickly be completed via phone with LZ Phoenix staff.

The following items must be included in your application to LZ Phoenix. Additionally, applicants must agree and abide by our contract and guidelines.

  • Valid Picture Identification (Driver’s License, Student ID, State-Issued ID Card, etc.)
  • Social Security Card (We may require Social Security Cards on each member of the household)
  • Income Verification for all Household Members (Not just those related to you)
  • Reporting of Assets for all Household Members (Not just those related to you)
  • Bank & Investment Statements for all Household Members (Last three months)